Nov 7, 2014

Holiday Survival Guide

Do the holidays leave you overwhelmed? Feeling defeated that you will find yourself gaining 10-15 pounds from Halloween to the New Year? YIKES - all the candy, treats, desserts, baking, UGH.  Did you KNOW that you can totally avoid all of the stress and anxiety with a simple strategy? Planning. Let me help you out! I plan to keep myself entirely on TRACK with my health and fitness, and will be sharing all my best tips and strategies in an online accountability group done on Facebook.

Meal plans, holiday recipes, simple effective 30 minute workouts that you do in your own home (trust me, that 30 minutes is SO easy to fit in, and goes by so fast that you will catch yourself wanting to do doubles!).  Clean eating nutrition, so that you can continue the things you learn for a lifetime of healthy eating, and make it lifestyle. No diet, diet pills, or restrictive eating plans. You will not only SURVIVE the holidays, you will find yourself more confident, having more energy, making exercise and healthy eating habit and routine, and when you stick with me and your program, you could potentially be down 20 POUNDS before the New Year!!!! HOLLLLA!!  To join me, find me on Facebook or send me an email request for details at

HURRY - spaces are limited and filling up!