Aug 28, 2015

The Spouse Fit Challenge

Here we are...the end of August. Fall is upon us; pumpkins and skinny jeans, baggy sweaters, boots, and leaves turning.  Evenings sipping tea, kids going back to school, schedules changing, leaving summer behind and looking forward to winter and cooler weather. You might be feeling like your goals to work towards your summer body failed you. But guess what? It's not too late for a fresh start!!

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing your spouse was on the same page as you with your fitness goals? Do you find you often have problems communicating with one another when it concerns your workouts and nutrition?

There's an easy answer why that is. Guys are just simply programed different then us women. We all know, guys don't want to be told what to do. They like their beer and burgers... but the point is to do things together and support one another to make small changes in the right direction. Improving yourselves and your health TOGETHER can have the potential to help your relationship, marriage, and health all in one.

I gotta admit, it can be tough at times to keep motivated and have discipline. It's back to school for the kids, the PERFECT TIME for a fresh start for YOU BOTH as well!!!  What would be better than for you to do a program together - workouts, meal plan, the whole works?!  Your spouse can potentially be your biggest supporter and determining factor of how well you are able to stick with your program for the duration - whether it be 21 days, or 90.

What if I could offer you a 30 day group with my hubby and I in a SPOUSE FIT challenge??? Together you and your spouse are teammates, holding each other accountable, {{couples competing with one another}} for a one night Hotel Stay on us based on participation and the voted best transformation!

Are you ready to kick your fall fitness goals in high gear and do this with us?!?!

We begin PRESEASON on Monday!!!!!  Who's in?!?!

Requirements are:
1 - have me as your free coach (if you already have a coach you are working with, please contact them for support).
2 - Be willing to make changes to your body and work towards achieving your fitness goals
3 - Be a active participant in our private, closed support group.
4 - Be ready to go ALL IN with your proven in-home fitness and nutrition program tailored to your needs.

If this sounds like something you are ready to do for yourselves, Apply HERE!!!

Aug 23, 2015

Body Beast: Not Just for the Guys!

This summer I attended my 2nd Coach Summit conference which was hosted in Nashville, TN, and I was so excited to hear about this fall's newest program release, Hammer and Chisel, with my two all-time favorite trainers, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. 

Check it out!  

I have been using Body Beast off and on for about 2 years for cross training with my running, and following the simple and yet effective meal plan of 21 Day Fix Extreme (and adding in the workouts as well for variety). I can tell you that there is no better feeling then waking up sore from a good workout the day before!  Adding in the new Performance Line has been such a total game changer for me, especially the Recharge Formula, to help with muscle soreness and muscle synthesis. Completely NSF-approved, naturally derived, this product is a must-have for those who are serious about leaning out, building muscle, and taking things to the highest notch possible with their fitness goals. 

So it just really seems like a natural fit, to combine these 2 programs in the FIRST EVER partnership of trainers working together to create one kick-butt workout program, Hammer and Chisel!

I have decided to really go after my goals in the next 2 months leading up to this new program launch, and run my own "test" group using these 2 programs in a hybrid workout schedule and following the 21 DFX Meal Plan. 

Heart. Hustle. Determination.

It's true, some people just don't care. They seem to be ok with just accepting their circumstances. And I'm not passing judgement. It's up to each person to decide their own path.  So here it comes...confession time. As we were on vacation last week, I didn't skip one workout (yay me!), but I didn't follow my meal plan as I would have liked.  So coming back, I totally felt like I was walking the road of shame...but at the same time, back stronger than ever to bring my "A" game. My workouts are planned, weekly meal plan is done and posted on the fridge, and I'm ready more than ever to see what my body is capable of when I follow my meal plan and train like a BOSS!

Why I make my health priority is because I want more. To be more, do more, be a positive role model for my kids. I don't want to wait for a health scare to turn things around...that is, if I'm given a second chance. The way I see it, is I can wish for it, or I can DO it. There's no time like the present to take action and be your own fitspiration. Believe you can, and you're half way there!!! 

So here is my first week's plan, meals and workouts, to get me on a good track for success. I cannot WAIT to see how my body responds to the shift in my training schedule. I am a runner, so it will be a change for me to cut back on my cardio and add in more of the strength training. But I really feel like this is what will shape my body into what I'm after. 

Workout/Meal Plan Week 1

My stats are recorded, goodbye pics taken, and now, onto my TRAINING!!! Stay tuned for my weekly progress as I work towards my fitness goals for the next 2 months. 

**If you would like to join me on my journey in a closed online group, complete your application HERE for my next group, starting SOON!!!

Aug 13, 2015

The Kickstart Challenge: Back to School Edition

YIKES! I cannot believe it is already mid-way through August, catalogs for back to school shopping are littering our mailbox, and I hate thinking that our summer vacation is nearing an end. Our day time snuggles and spur of the moment outings are abruptly coming to an end. I am finding myself looking for ways to make the transition easier from our laid back summer schedule to our routine-oriented "school" schedule. Is this something you are also thinking about? I will have 3 kiddos in school full time this year, with my youngest at home with me. I'm excited to game plan since our current schedule is in need of some adjustments. Since I work from home, I still need to make sure I am able to do what is needed to ensure I am fitting it all in, and make the transition as smooth as possible! 

I want to help you get on track this fall by hosting a 30 day online Health and Fitness Challenge/ Accountability group. I'm sure you moms out there might be thinking I am CRAY for even considering that we can find time to work out and start eating differently while school is starting back up...because I know we feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin, tired and thinking there just isn't time for this. But I'm here to tell you to just have TRUST. I know how you're feeling. I've been there!  But I'm here to tell you that you can do it. You can find those 30 minutes each day for YOU. It is the perfect natural stress reliever, gives me natural energy, and is a confidence builder. It makes me a better wife, parent, and overall better person to be around, and I know it will do the same for you as well!  I want to help you feel the best YOU you can be. It is possible. 

Below you will find a little outline on what you can expect from my new template for this 30 day Kickstart Challenge. Think of it as your new health and fitness syllabus!  This group is intended for those who want to do what you love to do for your fitness, I will help you be consistent in your workouts so that you don't give up on yourself. But the primary focus will be on our nutrition. 80% of our results are based on what we eat!!! So this is important that we really dig in and dial it in. 

There's NO better way than the 3-Day Refresh to help me do a nutritional reset, drop some unwanted pounds fast (every time I've done it, I have lost at least 3.5 pounds, and up to 5.5 in just 3 days). For those of us who like to see immediate results to stay motivated, this is the perfect solution. AAAAAAAAAAND I really need some help to get over my peanut butter addiction - bahahaha! So now I said it - yes, I do have a problem. And yes, I will BEAT IT this month!

-Making the Time-
If you can't wake up any earlier than you do now, find a spot for just 30 minutes each day where you can work out. If you stay home, that may be during the time one of your kids takes a nap, or maybe its when your hubby comes home from work, or after the kids go to bed. If you work outside the home, most people find it easiest to form this new routine by doing it first thing in the morning by just simply getting up 35 minutes earlier than they do now (and perhaps going to bed 35 minutes earlier each night). To add this "me" time to your day, you will probably have to give up something, like surfing the web, FB scrolling, Pinterest searching, watching TV.  You've all probably heard it...don't FIND the time MAKE the time. It's important, so just do it!
-Your Why-
Together ,we will figure out your WHY. Your reason for wanting to become healthier and set some goals to get there. It's not enough to just say you want to lose some weight! That won't keep you motivated. When you dig down and figure out what's driving you .... you will make the mental switch to want to work out and prepare healthy meals. You will figure out a way.
-The Requirements-
We are busy as it is, so the workout program that is most often recommended will be one that is 30 minutes or less. I will get you started with Shakeology because honestly, its the easiest, healthiest meal of your day. And the benefits are worth every penny. As moms, our bodies need to run as efficiently as possible, to have more energy, to be able to fight cravings, and get the vitamins and nutrients pumped in so we can do everything we needs to do and have the energy to power through our workouts and keep up with our kids!

-Option to "KICKSTART" your weight loss-
...with the 
 3-Day Refresh challenge pack. The  3-Day Refresh is a 3-day gentle detox/cleanse that will jump start weight loss and give you a break from bad habits. It isn't a juice fast, its not a crash diet, and you do not starve. It includes Shakeology for breakfast, a fiber drink, a vanilla refresh protein shake and snack/lunch/dinner food options. I will be starting off the 30 day challenge with this for sure! I have lost anywhere from 3.5 - 6.2 lbs. when I have done it, and it's safe to use up to once each month. It is an option, not required... but note that the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack (including a 30 day supply of Shakeology) is on sale until the end of this month! And you also get a trial of Beachbody On Demand where you can pick your own virtual workout!!! You will love this if you get bored easily and need variety in your workout routine!

My 3-Day Refresh Results

-The Challenge Group-
This challenge group will only be thirty days long. If you show up once a day and check in and I see that your putting in the effort and really trying to change and work towards your goals, we will extend it to another thirty days. I'm not trying to be tough lol, I'm not really that kind of "teacher". I just am writing from my experience of coaching challenge groups for over two years. I will put 110% into you if you show up! I can't want it for you, as much as I try never works that way. I'd love to help every single person that I talk to, but it's not always the right time for them.
I will post daily in our private Facebook group. I will post daily motivation, tips, videos, time-saving recipes and websites (ie. slow cooker meals), workout advice, and help you stay accountable. I strongly encourage group participants to check in once a day, rating how your day was. Every once in awhile I will post a little assignment for the day. Having the support of the group is the secret sauce. When you have other people to help inspire you and encourage you, it makes a huge difference.
Listen. I know its not easy. I know it can be a challenge. I know its hard to keep your motivation afloat. I've had 4 pregnancies.  2 plus years of work. I still have lots of work to do to achieve my goals. I still have setbacks. Weight loss. Weight gain. Plateaus. Learning curves. Struggles. Non scale victories. BUT most of all never giving up. Learning to think positive. Yes, it can happen. You can make it a lifestyle change. Progress. You can make time for yourself to workout. You can make better food choices. You can think positively. You can have support doing so. I can give you the tools you need, and you just have to be ready to give this to yourself. To give yourself somewhere to start. You deserve it, why not you? Life is about to get busy for a lot of you mamas out there. Start a healthy routine now. Get started now. You will be so thankful you did a month from now, 6 months from now, a year from now. Message me or fill out the Kickstart Challenge Application if you want one of the FIVE open spots in my next challenge group.

Aug 11, 2015

Marsha Smrcka Fitness: Body Beast Week 2

So if you're anything like me, working out comes naturally and is priority in my day-to-day activities.  I've long established a habit and routine of running, pushing play to one of my favorite in-home workouts, and just trying lead an active lifestyle for my family.  So here's the confession...last week was somewhat of a BUST for me and my eating. The foods I use are generally healthy and "clean-eating", but I got lazy with tracking, and was not watching my portions or balancing out my food groups. Too much cheese, avocado, and carbs were causing me some setbacks. When I am not eating as I should, it really effects everything - how I feel, how I push myself (or don't) in my workouts, how I sleep...I was just not MENTALLY in the game! So I did some searching this weekend and have recommitted to myself, my workouts, and my meal plan. This week I am in it to win it! And I will be posting here weekly about my journey - both to inspire you as well as to hold myself accountable! I will walk you through my experience and progress of using a 12-week strength training program, Performance line of supplements to help me tone and build muscle, and my weekly meal plans. 

There comes a time when ENOUGH is ENOUGH and when you hit that time, NOTHING can stop you. You are laser-focused and ready to tackle any obstacle in your way. This week over on my Marsha Smrcka Fitness fan page I am going over some tips on how to combat emotional eating. I have found that I can fall into this bad habit really quite easily, as well as "avoidance eating" - instead of doing something I need to do, I eat to procrastinate. Do you do this?  It just dawned on me one day last month that this was really becoming a problem for me. So with recognizing I do this, I have been able to come up with some really effective solutions to combat this mindless eating.  Follow me as I share my strategies to help you overcome this issue. 

So....what do we do during those down times when everyone else in the family is napping, watching TV, surfing the web?! We #beastup and get our sweat on! 💪💪👊  When our goals mean more to us than anything else, we just do what it takes. Period. I'm 110% committed to getting the results I'm looking for, and sometimes it takes daily reminders. I have photos that are motivational to me posted so I see them every day. I track my weekly progress in measurements, weight, and weekly percent weight loss. I also track my intake daily. 

You can either be a couch potato, thinking about all the things you SHOULD do for yourself, or you can take action. I started to listen to those voices in my head...excuses and reasons why I should put it off. But the only person I'm cheating if I ME. So suck it up buttercup, and just do it.  👊. You'll thank yourself when you're done! 

I know to see good progress, I need to dial in my nutrition. Making a meal plan that I can stick to and want to follow takes some good forethought, but once it's done, I love that I can prep up all of my meals for the week and go into "auto-pilot". Week 1 was pretty much a bust because I really didn't have a posted plan that I was following. So I am learning from that mistake, and posting my week 2 plan on my fridge so I see it every time I enter the kitchen or go to the fridge. No excuses to NOT follow it! 

My measurements are taken, my "goodbye" pics are taken, my workouts are planned, and my intake for the week is all set and prepped. I am looking forward to some big gains this week!!!

Follow my daily journey and best fit tips at Marsha Smrcka Fitness. When you want to change more than you want to stay the same, you will find your inner motivation to do what it takes!

Aug 2, 2015


Do you want to win a new fitness program for FREE, just for losing some extra pounds?! Do you want some new healthy recipes to try? Do you want your clothes to fit better? Feel better in your clothes? Have more energy? Get over your sugar addiction or soda fix? Join in a supportive community of other ladies all doing the same thing, to hold you accountable?
If yes, then this group is JUST for YOU!
We officially start TOMORROW, August 3rd, meal plan and grocery list is posted, just in time for you to get your needed grocery items and meal prepping done. Summer will be GONE before we know it, but there's still time to work on your summer bodies. I know for me, I have a beach vacation coming up in just 2 weeks that I want to look and feel my BEST for, so I really NEED THIS!!!

The lucky lady with the most % loss for the week will be given THEIR CHOICE:::1) ChaLEAN Extreme® 2) Slim In 6 OR 3) Hip Hop Abs the complete program library!!!!

I'm cleaning out my desk, and have these extras to gift to one lucky recipient - so who's IN WITH ME?!?! Let's DO THIS!!!!!!
√ If you already have a Beachbody health coach you're working with, please get in touch with them for support. This is for my customers and/or NEW customers only. Contact me at so that I can help you get your free membership.
√ Bring 2 or more friends in with you to PAY IT FORWARD!!! This group is going to KICK BUTT so let's see how much progress we can make next week!!!
√ Must friend me on FB at Marsha Smrcka so that I can add you to our group

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US!!!!!  Bulge BUSTERS Support Group