Apr 29, 2015

Success Club Trip 2015 Cancun Mexico

April 14 - 19th, 2015 will go down as one of the many amazing memories for Adam and I. We were fortunate enough to have joined 2000 other Health Coaches on an all-expense paid vacation for both hubby and myself, at the Moon Palace Resort and Spa in Cancun, Mexico. This was the second free vacation I have earned since coaching, which I started on July 30th, 2013. The Team Beachbody Success Club trip is at a different destination every year, with next year being a cruise on the Royal Caribbean to Jamaica and Haiti! I earned this trip for myself and family by meeting certain criteria each month in my business based on how many people I'm helping get started with their health and fitness goals. I was treated like a princess, greeted with gifts and found out that I didn't have to wait in line for registration with the rest of the coaches because of my being a top Elite Coach in 2014 (too bad this was AFTER we waited in line for over an hour)!  This all really just felt like a dream because seriously, I am just a small town farm-girl, who wasn't on social media, had zero followers and a very small network of close family and friends. I started coaching with Beachbody not knowing a THING what I was getting into. My desire to change my family's situation was worth more to me than the fears and doubts I had from within. I really just wanted to inspire and motivate others to a healthier way of living, and in turn, live out my passion for health and fitness by also creating a life to love, a life of freedom, for myself and family.  Less than 2 years later, I'm in Cancun with 2,000 other coaches in a luxury suite, fully stocked with a full fridge and bar!  With this whole experience, something that I've come to realize is this --- Once you become consciously aware of how powerful your thoughts are, and your willingness to change them, you will realize everything in your life is exactly how you ALLOW it to be.  Just imagine what the possibilities could be if you would just let GO and imagine the "what if"!

So I wanted to document my favorite memories from the trip!  There were so many things we did, and over the course of just 5 days. Adam and I flew out of MSP early Wednesday morning so that we would arrive early afternoon. We were greeted with flowers onto the shuttle to take us to Moon Palace Resort. Beachbody doesn't do anything small, the Arena was decked out in huge Team Beachbody swag. Made me so proud to represent a company with such integrity and passion for their mission, to "help people achieve their goals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives". 

We had a bit of a surprise when we got to our room to find it was already inhabited by 2 other guests! Somehow we were given the wrong room key or number. Once we were settled into our amazing room, equipped with a private Jacuzzi tub, balcony with a hammock, view of the ocean and beautiful resort grounds, full bar... we were set to join our friends for the Welcome Reception, dinner hosted on the beach with entertainment and fireworks! Beachbody sure knows how to do it up! Then the next morning was the Celebrity Trainer Question/Answer discussion panel. I learned so much about Tony Horton, Shaun T, and Autumn Calabrese. Where they started with their careers, what their lives were like before being "found" by Beachbody. I am so glad I have this insight - a reminder to us all to stay grounded and humbled...and to always be evolving, changing and improving oneself. 

Thursday evening was an exclusive, invitation only, Elite and Premiere party on the beach! Decorations, dinner, dancing and fun music right on the beach with the top 1% of the company, Shaun T, Autumn and Tony, with all the company executives! Getting to talk with other top coaches about best practices, business strategies, ways to help our teams...that was an invaluable experience!  Success is only fun when you have a team to celebrate it with - next year I will have my team of coaches with me on the cruise to Jamaica!  I am working towards helping them also achieve this same level of success in their businesses. There is no reward or satisfaction in being at the top of the company by yourself. Why not bring along your team and your best friends to experience it with you?  I've always said that my goal is to help my team to experience the same success that I have and that is exactly what is happening. I have seen my team following in my footsteps, and it is my #1 goal to help more and more coaches reach THEIR goals, achieve financial success, earn these trips, and live the life they love.  That's where the magic happens. When one can pay it forward - working as a team unit, to help lift each other up to a higher place than they would have imagined possible. 

I don't know if I'd ever had dinner in the sand - the beach, water, everything was more amazing than I could even try to describe.  I remember the wind being SO STRONG...the ladies with short skirts or pumps were in trouble that night! 

It's also cool to watch Adam (my #1 supporter, and one I owe for being where I am with this business today) make some amazing friends! The wives get together to work, get our tans on, while the boys play and take full advantage of the all-inclusive amenities!   

Each morning there were live workouts with Tony Horton, Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese... LIVE!  Talk about some energy in the room, doing a group workout with hundreds of other people, but to be doing it live with the trainers themselves is something that completely blows my mind every time I have the chance to do this.  It's just such an amazing experience to be surrounded by your friends and other coaches getting our sweat on!  

Saturday was spent poolside with fellow coaches, soaking up the sun, playing beach volleyball, and just enjoying alone time with hubby. Taking vacations like this is something we never would have been able to do before Beachbody and coaching. Although we really missed the kids, having that time together to reconnect and just focus on US was so great!  We enjoyed taking in some Miami Vice's, and Scooby Doo's - don't ask me what's in them, I haven't a CLUE...but I do remember them being really good! 

This was our "hangout" location so us coaches knew where to find eachother throughout the day. This resort was SO large with so many different attractions and things to do. But this bar was pretty central, and close to our room, which made it the perfect meeting place!

The view from our balcony was simply AMAZING - another one of the perks of an Elite coach is to get the best rooms in the resort. As much as I missed the kids, it was really hard to leave and say good bye. I loved every second of this trip, and feel so entirely blessed and thankful to the many people who have entrusted me with their health and fitness goals and to choose me to mentor them with their business. 
I know that this is one amazing trip of many more to come. This one goes down in the books as memorable, inspiring, so beautiful, and definitely one to cherish. 

Farewell friends, until next time!!

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