Mar 31, 2015

Chocolate Shakeology Pie

Are you looking for a dessert this upcoming Easter weekend that you can enjoy GUILT FREE!?!?! I know I DO! If you're like most people, you want to have something sweet with coffee while visiting with family...but HATE the guilty feeling and YUCK that follows. What if you could have all the treat but none of the guilt or regrets that follow? 


~~Chocolate Shakeology Pie~~
Yield: 8 servings

Ingredients:2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology1 container tofu, silken firm (approx 12 oz.) ½ cup natural peanut butter2 Tbsp. skim milk1 premade whole-grain graham pie crust

Preparation:1 Place peanut butter, tofu, Chocolate Shakeology, and milk in blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add more milk if necessary.2. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.
Nutritional Information (per serving):Calories 273, Fat 15g, Sodium 157mg, Carbs 24g, Fiber 2g, Sugar 8g, Protein 13g

Mar 28, 2015

What is a Challenge Group?

What would it mean to you if you were GUARANTEED success with your health and fitness goals?  How would that FEEL for you to look in the mirror and be PROUD and happy how you looked?  Are you aware that 80% of people FAIL at what ever weight loss program or lifestyle change they choose within just three weeks? Not because the “program” they chose wasn’t good enough, but because they lacked SUPPORT. Think about how much having accountability does for you at work, school and accomplishing general tasks and goals. So why wouldn't you want that for one of the HARDEST tasks you face….weight loss.

If you join the gym, and you don’t show up on Monday, is the gym calling you asking where you were and did you do well over the weekend? No. Actually, in some cases they are banking that you DON’T return. When you are dealing with stress and wanting to eat, does Lean Cuisine have a forum to hear you out? No. My point is, having an advocate, or health coach that specifically has YOUR best interest in mind, provides you your BEST chance at success. Sure, at the end of the day, YOU are the one doing the work, regardless, but, I am there WITH you.

I am a product of the process. First, you must TRUST the process. It DOES work, if YOU do. I am not a nutritionist, not a personal trainer, nor do I have a degree in the medical profession. But what I AM is your advocate. Your biggest supporter. Your # 1 personal cheerleader. I want YOU to live the healthiest, most fulfilled life now. Fitness and proper nutrition is the corner stone of good health and has proven to prevent major diseases from occurring in the body.When you help yourself, you help your entire family! The ripple effect of the choices YOU make will trickle down to your spouse, kids, and other loved ones. I know for me, a busy wife and mom of 4, my health and that of my family is NUMBER ONE priority! I hope to be able to keep up with my kids when they hit the teenage years, and also as a grandparent (hopefully I have a few years before that happens!)!!

I have different types of support, if you are willing to invest in the right tools. I can provide 1-1 coaching for my clients. I also provide a “general” private support group on Facebook. And lastly, I provide “Challenge Groups”.

REGARDLESS OF THE LEVEL OF SUPPORT YOU ARE SEEKING, MY COACHING SERVICES ARE 100% FREE AND INCLUDED WITH YOUR FREE MEMBERSHIP. To have me as your free coach, click HERE and create your free Team Beachbody Membership! 

Challenge groups are PRIVATE small groups that I run monthly on the Facebook “Group” platform. You get ME, as well as several other successful coaches on my team within a small group of people, very similar to you and your goals. I will help you choose a program BEST suited for you and your needs as well as discuss what meal plan is realistic. You will get 1:1 accountability, exclusive motivation, recipes, small daily assignments, fitness tips, and my weekly meal plans for 30, and up to 60 days! The benefit to the group is that you get a TON of positive feedback, support while you LEARN. There is always someone “there” to answer or hear your questions. You will both teach and learn from others and will be empowered in the process. There are some accountability guidelines to remain in the group, but as long as you continue to try, commit to the program tools and SHOW UP, you will ALWAYS have unconditional support.  As my customer, you have the option to join into as many support groups as you like until you are confident you have the tools and motivation to continue on your own without the accountability. You've LEARNED what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle!!!

I start ONE new challenge group a month. If you are interested in learning more about this platform, how “online accountability” works, how I can personally empower you to succeed and what it takes to qualify, fill out my free consultation form and I will email you to set up a time to speak live.

Isn’t it time for you to take charge of your health and make this investment in YOU?! Please take the time to complete the application below for consideration in my next accountability group. Team Fit4mation Accountability Challenge application
Or if you want to secure your spot in my next challenge, get your Beachbody On Demand All Access 12-month Membership and Shakeology with the Portion Fix meal plan HERE or add on the 3-Day Refresh to your order at a discounted rate HERE and I will reach out to you via email within 24-48 hours. 

My $3700 Week as a Beachbody Health Coach

These last few weeks have me completely #mindblown. Ever have one of those full circle moments, where you just think to yourself... Is this really happening to ME?

18 months ago, my family and I were living pay-check to pay-check... much like a lot of families. We were feeling defeated, stressed, strained {emotionally & financially} and completely spinning our wheels, never seeming to be able to move forward. We were forced with the decision to cash out any retirement funds we had accrued to make payments on our growing debt. When we decided that I would leave my career to stay home and raise our family, I knew it would be a financial strain, and it was worth the sacrifices, BUT it wasn't something we could be doing long term. 8 years on a single income was H A R D. It came to the point where my husband took a job commuting 2 hours each day, working LONG hours. We were on Badgercare, used WIC for food, we didn't have money to donate freely to our church, I felt like a single mom, raising 4 young kids by myself, them rarely seeing their dad at all during the week. Although I was grateful that I was home with the kids, we were missing out on SO MUCH family time. Weekends became the only time for us to be together as a family.

This was not the picture of a life I had envisioned. This was not a life I wanted for my kids. Our marriage was under an enormous amount of turmoil and strain. But I wasn't willing to resort to sending my kids to Daycare to let someone else raise them, just so I could get a "job".

I wanted more for my family, for our kids. I wanted to be able to take them on a vacation without having to CHARGE every penny on a credit card that I knew we wouldn't be able to pay off for a very long time. I was tired of telling my kids that we had to take food out of the cart at the grocery store because we didn't have enough $$ in our checking account to cover the bill. I was TIRED of money fights with my husband. I was sick of him working so far from home, missing out on so much with our kids. I wanted HIM to also live HIS dreams of making his pottery again and do work that he was passionate about. I was depressed that we would tackle home improvement projects to try to make our house a home for our family, only to not be able to afford completing the work required. I wanted to be able to buy NEW clothes for my kids without feeling guilty for not shopping at Goodwill. Date nights were a complete DREAM to me - we couldn't afford a babysitter, let alone a dinner out. I was SICK to see our money disappearing faster than we earned it, completely depleting any cushion we had. We cut our living expenses to the bare minimum to help make ends meet. We cut out any garbage service. No cell phone (yes, I used a trac phone!). We grew most of our food, and preserved it by canning, dehydrating and freezing. Made our own home cleaning products. No satellite TV or high speed internet service. Any way we could, we tried to save money. But even that wasn't enough to change our lives in the way we so desperately needed. We live in the central part of WI, a small rural farming community. I wasn't on any social media, lived a quiet, content life with our family and few close friends. I didn't even KNOW what was possible and available to me.

But what I DID know was that I was done WISHING things would change, but not taking any ACTION. So once I saw the opportunity that was right in the palm of my hand, I decided to take it. How couldn't I???

{Enter Online Health Coach...} I had always been active, a runner, caring about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Adam and I purchased Insanity and started doing it at home earlier that spring. We both got our butts whooped, and I was blown away by how effective an in-home workout program could be. So when I got in contact with one of Adam's friends on FB who was an Online Health Coach, it just sounded too good to be true. I was ENTIRELY skeptical. I thought it was a "Pyramid Scheme" - what is that, anyway?? haha So I did as much research as I could to find those RED FLAGS. But I couldn't find any, as hard as I tried. I trusted Alyssa, so decided I didn't have a single thing to lose by trying, but I had EVERYTHING to gain!! I had NO IDEA what a coach was, what we did, or even what a group on FB was...didn't know that there was such a thing as Instagram...but what I BELIEVED was that I could do it... I love to help people, and have a passionate for health and fitness!

I'm not saying it was just as easy as that. It didn't happen overnight. There have been many sacrifices (mostly with my sleep and I don't watch TV), and there have been trials, and lessons {SO many lessons}, and there has been growth. But nothing worth having, and nothing INCREDIBLE comes easily. I saw this vision. I saw my family living comfortably for the first time in a LONG time. I saw our family living together as a FAMILY - spending quality time with each other every day. I saw the plan, and I BELIEVED in it.
So I did it.
You know I wouldn't post this type of thing for no reason. You all know I don't talk about this stuff - and quite honestly, this is throwing me WAY out of my comfort zone doing so. I have gone back and forth about it for 2 weeks. But sometimes, it's NECESSARY. It took someone showing me how POSSIBLE changing my life and my family's life was for me to understand. And since I am in the business of *paying it forward*, it was laid on my heart today to share this with you. Because on 3/10/15, I basically had my socks knocked off! I can't believe that this is my job and I make crazy good money doing what I LOVE!!
So by HELPING PEOPLE get healthy and happy, working with my team of coaches to do the SAME, I am SO PROUD to say that as of THIS WEEK, Adam Smrcka and I are entirely, --100%-- credit card/ student loan/ Car payment DEBT FREE!!!!!!!  We were able to take our paycheck from ONE WEEK'S PAY to send off over $3000 to our final remaining debt (other than our mortgage). We are LIBERATED from the financial strain that was holding us down, captive for so long.

So why not you?

What makes you think you can't do this too?

If you want to stop being a wisher and start ACTING, then please join me in this AMAZING opportunity that has landed me as a top Elite Coach in the company in 2014, just after 17 short months as a coach.

Thanks for letting me share with you! Thank you Team Fit4mation,  Beachbody and Carl Daikeler. Because of your integrity, innovation, passion, and commitment, you are helping SO many people change their lives for the better. 

If you would like to apply for a position on my team in my next New Coach Training Academy, please APPLY HERE.

2014 Top Elite Team Beachbody Health Coach

About Me, & My Story

I'm just a small-town wife and mamma of 4 beautiful kids, ages 2-8, living in rural central WI. I am a Christian who grew up in a faith-filled Catholic family, a runner, and health & fitness enthusiast, who loves to surround myself with positivism and those who lift me higher and push myself to be the best version of me I can be! 

When I'm not helping others with their health, fitness, or business goals, I love to read, crochet, garden, RUN (of course!), spend time with extended family, and travel! We love to take day or weekend trips to the water parks or hike the state parks in the area.

Before Health Coaching, I had a career working in Management, coordinating services for people with Developmental Disabilities, throughout 2 counties in WI. Although my career was extremely rewarding, my heart wasn't in it once we had our first child. I left my career behind to raise our growing family. Our little family of 3 soon became 6, and living on one income was H A R D!  Everything in me wanted to help contribute to our family's income. So we grew a ton of our own food during the summer months and I learned how to do home food preservation (freezing, canning, and dehydrating). We even cut out garbage service and cell phones. But the money we saved on groceries wasn't enough to grow our savings or pay off our accumulated debt. We were on ONE tight budget! And not only that, my husband was working a job with a one-hour commute each way, every day. Although it was a good job, he sacrificed SO much. I was basically a single mom. The kids and I NEVER sat down to a family dinner together. He left work early in the morning, and didn't return home until well-after we were in bed. We couldn't afford even the smallest of splurges. The kids would ask for a particular fruit or other food item at the store - and often times I would have to tell them "no" or put it back on the shelf because I was concerned we didn't have enough funds in our account to cover it.  The holidays stressed us out entirely, having to pick and choose who we would be able to buy a gift for...often resorting to hand-made gifts.

So when I first was informed about Online Health Coaching, I was extremely skeptical. It really sounded too good to be true! Like most people, the thought went through my head - is this a pyramid scheme?  Will I really make money doing this? Who would want ME to be their coach? I'm not a professional in this field!....those doubts kept coming. But I realized if I didn't at least try it, I would be in the same exact circumstances (or even worse) down the road. 

So instead, I took a leap, knowing very little about what I would be doing, and learned as I went. I was blessed to have joined the TOP team in the network, and from my mentors, I was taught their systems to success - which I share with my own team of coaches!  In just 17 months from starting, I was able to grow a successful 6-figure business from my kitchen home office, while being present for my kids and family, and achieving the status of growing a top Elite team of coaches with Team Fit4mation in that short amount of time - less than 200 coaches in the network were able to achieve this accomplishment! 

So now what?  My goals for 2015 include helping a minimum of 7 coaches on my team earn $1000+ weekly, by ensuring they duplicate my own proven systems of helping people succeed with their goals. When my team succeeds, we all succeed!  I am so excited for this year!  Do you relate to this story? What are you waiting for! Your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner.  

To learn more, and to apply for a position in my next New Coach Training, please apply here.

Inside Out Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups

My all-time FAVORITE treat has to be the Reece's Peanut Butter Cups! GAH. 

So I know I have a SERIOUS weakness for anything peanut butter, or any nut butter for that matter. And when paired with chocolate?! Serious WEAKNESS. So I'm always on the search for ways to endulge in my weakness without the guilt! Like breakfast, for example. Cocoa oats drizzled with melted peanut butter! My no-bake protein balls. PB Cup Shakeology! Well, this recipe fits right in! And at only 64 cals. per serving, it's not going to leave me feeling guilty (SCORE) Enjoy!!!
Inside Out Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups
(Makes 2 servings)
Total Time: 40 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Cooking Time: None
2 tsp. unrefined coconut oil, melted
2 Tbsp. powdered chocolate peanut butter (like PB2)
2 tsp. Chocolate Vegan Shakeology
2 Tbsp. water
1. Combine oil and powdered peanut butter in a small bowl; mix well. Set aside.
2. Combine Shakeology and water in a small bowl; mix until it has a pudding-like consistency. Set aside.
3. Coat two foil muffin liners evenly with half of peanut butter mixture. Top evenly with Shakeology mixture and remaining peanut butter mixture.
4. Freeze for 30 minutes, or until firm.
Nutritional Information (per serving):
Calories: 64
Total Fat: 5 g
Saturated Fat: 4 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 50 mg
Carbohydrate: 3 g
Fiber: 1 g
Sugar: 1 g
Protein: 3 g

Stream Your All-Time Favorite Beachbody Workouts With "On Demand"

So as of TODAY I'm 18 days out from a tropical vacation in I had the idea to start an online support group for abs ONLY. HOLY CATS is this amazing!!!!  I am so super excited that streaming Beachbody in-home workout videos just became possible, so I wanted to share with anyone who might be interested! There are currently 27 of us (and adding) streaming a different ab workout every day, with Sundays as our rest day, for a total of 20 days. Although we are only 3 days in, my core is feeling the BURN! But if you know me at all, you know I LOVE IT!!!!

This newest “stream” feature simply adds to the list of Team Beachbody Club membership benefits, allowing you complete instant access to the following programs from anywhere at anytime. All you need is a device with an Internet connection…how cool is that?!  So for me, I get bored really easily from doing the same program for too long. Having the variety of all these different programs and being able to use them when I'm traveling or on the go is so convenient!  
So what do you get as a Team Beachbody Club Member that you don’t get with the free membership?
Here is a list of the current programs being offered on Beachbody On Demand:
  • Insanity (the original)
  • P90X
  • P90X One-on-One
  • P90X2
  • P90X3
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Chalene Extreme
  • Turbo Fire
  • Insanity: the Asylum

Streaming Workouts and SO much more... you get EVERYTHING!

All of the materials that come with each of the individual programs listed above are available to download, view, and/or print from the Beachbody On Demand center. I spent FOREVER looking for my Ab Ripper X workout dvd the other day to no avail...but now I have it back for good, and SO many more tools than I had before!!!


What Do You Need to Make it Work?

You will need a device with an Internet connection & web browser, such as your smartphone or laptop, and you’re ready to go! So far, I’ve streamed workouts to my desktop & Smartphone, and have customers using their television via the Playstation 3 or connecting to their TV from their computer. I LOVED to be able to do Insanity while on vacation in my hotel room!!  Team Beachbody members automatically have unlimited access to stream these workouts. Once logged into, Club members will select the Start Streaming tab from the home page, choose any fitness program in the streaming library, and stream any workout from the program!
Here’s exactly what the requirements are:
  1. You’ll need a broadband connection download speed of 3Mbps or better, which means you’ll need DSL, Cable Internet, 3G or faster.
  2. A web browser. If you use the Internet, you should be fine: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari any modern browser should all be okay.
  3. Adobe Flash player installed and enabled. This feature is pretty standard, and if you don’t have it, no worries – you’ll get a pop-up asking if you would like to allow it.

On Demand is a Club Upgrade

Like I mentioned above, Beachbody On Demand, while entirely new, is being added as a Team Beachbody Club membership benefit. The other benefits of Club membership include:
  • Extra 10% off any Beachbody program
  • Access to live trainer chats
  • Meal plan customizer with recipes
  • And more, but the above three are the goodies
Here is the link to review the full benefits if you’re interested in becoming a Team Beachbody Club member.

By Popular Demand!

The really great thing about On Demand, is that with it's release, customers are able to take advantage of the Club Membership and all of it's benefits in a discounted “Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack“.  This is NOW AVAILABLE, and will give you unlimited access for an entire 3 months with your own 30 day supply of the nutrient dense Shakeology health shakes. 
Here is the link to subscribe to the Team Beachbody Club and get Shakeology HD for this month’s introductory rate of $140.

What is the Value?

Were you a previous Club Member, and felt the membership was lacking in value?  For me personally, the nutrition guides that accompany the workout programs are so comprehensive and complete, I didn't really use the meal planning tools with the Club. But now, I believe this membership is so innovative, user-friendly, offers the variety we all want, and the upgrade is almost a steal with this new inclusion!
Do you realize, if a person were to purchase ALL of the programs that are in the Beachbody On Demand streaming library, it would cost about $1500!?  A Team Beachbody Club membership costs just $2.99 a week, or $.43 per day, which is billed quarterly for a cost of $38.97 plus tax. The best part of all of this, is that If you try the Club membership and decide you don’t see the value, you can simply cancel your membership at any time within the first 30 days for a complete refund.  It's entirely risk free! 
You can join the Team Beachbody Club or upgrade your free Team Beachbody account through this link.

What if there is another workout program you wanted, AND all the benefits of On Demand?

Great news!  With the purchase of any Challenge Pack, you have unlimited FREE access to On Demand as a 30 day free trial along with your challenge pack purchase!  Upon the completion of your challenge pack order you will be sent an email from Beachbody with the instructions to activate your On Demand benefits and 30 day free trial

How I Have Been Using the New Feature

Like I mentioned, I am a runner primarily, and use the in-home workouts as cross training. I love being outdoors for my runs, and when I take my workouts inside, I tend to get easily bored with the repetitiveness of the trainer and workouts in one given program. Now instead of just having the workouts from the programs I am currently following or have purchased previously, I can just turn on Beachbody On Demand. For my 20 day online Ab Challenge this has made working my core SO MUCH FUN with all the variety! From there, it’s super easy… our group members can simply select the given ab routine for each day from On Demand.  From 10 minutes to 20 minutes, there are such a nice variety, and they are all so different, that I am able to work my abs every day to accelerate my results, because of using a different routine each day. 

Additional Features

So you're wondering, what about all of those workouts you've already purchased?  You're in luck!  This feature allows for every program you ordered in the past and present to be available in your On Demand library. 

Added Benefits to You

So you're ready to test this out and get started today? You're in luck! Because you have zero wait time for products to ship out to you in the mail, this is available to you immediately upon purchase! And you have me as your coach to keep you on track and feeling supported every step of the way. I run free and ongoing online support and accountability groups all done in a friendly, fun community of others all working on their health and fitness - from beginners to intermediate to advanced, there's a group that's right for YOU!  To find out when my next group is starting (I begin a new group every 2 weeks) find me here and send me a message letting me know you're ready to get started today!  

Have you tested out the new Team Beachbody Club member feature, Beachbody On Demand? What do you think? Please share in the comments!

Mar 17, 2015

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Pancake (21 Day Fix Approved)

Peanut Butter, with an oatmeal pancake - no guilt?!  Kid tested, mother approved!  ((ALSO makes hubby envious if I don't also make one for him))  My new favorite breakfast combo - I  steel cut oats!!! If you've never tried them, you're SO missing out! I will never go back to regular "mushy" oatmeal. I make up a big 6-serving batch on Sundays so that I have it all ready to go for the week.  

Prepared with water, I cook according to package directions in my slow cooker with a generous amount of water (6 cups water to 1 1/2 c. steel cut oats). Let them on low for 8 hours or overnight while you sleep. Then they are ready for you to portion out and use throughout the week! I prefer to let mine chill in the fridge prior to portioning, but either way you decide to do it works just fine.  

So I refrigerate in a covered container (or just leave in the kettle), and portion them into serving-size containers for the week. I add in my egg whites (6 whites or according to your plan), season with cinnamon and salt (optional) to taste. Combine with a fork. It then becomes a grab-and-go meal in the morning! 

1 serving prepared steel cut oats (approx. 1 c.)
6 egg whites
1/2 tsp. cinnamom
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
salt to taste (optional)
Cooking spray
1 tsp. natural PB

1 - Prepare steel cut oats according to package instructions or in slow cooker
2 - Portion oats into serving sized containers. Add 6 egg whites to each container. Add in seasonings to each container.
3 - Heat prepared frying pan on medium/ med. high heat. Using one prepared container, pour into heated pan. Cover with a lid and cook until set. Flip over to the other side and cook an additional 30 seconds or until set. 
4 - Remove from heat, spread with peanut butter. 

This is also especially good with diced apples or sliced bananas if you want to add in some fresh fruit. ENJOY!!!