Aug 25, 2016

Take the BeachBody Health Bet Challenge!

So here it is!!! What would you say if I told you that you could work on your health goals for just 4 weeks and get a split of up to $3 MILLION DOLLARS in prize money!?!?
You'd be in, right? #nobrainer
This is BETTER than the original Diet Bet idea, the "Biggest Loser" challenges, …seriously!
•Change the word "diet" and replace it with HEALTH. YOUR health to be exact  Beachbody thinks you'll love getting fit and healthy so much so that they want to pay you to hold yourself and others accountable. Sweet, right?
....BUT could it possibly get any sweeter? Yes!!! So what's the scoop??
•For the original "Diet Bet", people have to fork over their own money and then lose it to their friends if they don't lose the most weight in the agreed upon time.
•For Beachbody's Health Bet, you invest in yourself with by purchasing a Beachbody bundle kit…which you KEEP for as long as you like (hopefully forever!)!! You don't put up ANY of your own money for the bet. Beachbody has already thrown $1,000,000 into a pot and they'll be adding up to $3,000,000 total, by the start of the challenge on Sept. 4th.
I know you're wondering by this point, "So how do you I get a part of that pot"?
((Here are the rules:))

•You MUST be registered in our Challenge Group with the My Challenge Tracker App (it's free) by SEPTEMBER 1st! If you have a free Beachbody health coach already, get the details from them. If not, you're good to go!! 

•Log a minimum of 5 Shakeology shakes per week with a photo.
•Log a minimum of 3 workouts per week. (No photo or video required)
•You must have a valid first name, last name, email address, and mailing address in the U.S or Canada to be paid.
☝️ That's it! How simple right? 

If you meet the above requirements you get to split the prize equally with other eligible participants. It’s not about how much weight you lose or inches you’ve thrown away…it’s just doing the workouts, fueling your body with nutrition, logging your activity and BAM, the $$ is yours 
Again, no brainer, right? The fun starts SOON and spots are limited to the FIRST 20 WOMEN to JOIN!! Comment your email in the event discussion to be added into the group and to receive the details about how i can help you get started!!!!
LINK FOR THE GROUP TO JOIN IS HERE!! Request to join and I'll be in touch within 24 hours to answer all your questions and help you get started!!! 

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