Apr 4, 2018

Clean-Eating Cucumber & Tomato Salad

I’m a firm believer that side dishes should be kept simple. Well, anything that I make is pretty simple! I like my main dish to be the star of the show, and who wants to make dinner any more complicated? Not this momma of four! 
So, when I was contemplating a side for my burger last week, I knew I wanted something simple and fresh. This healthy Tomato Cucumber Salad was a perfect match. The light and bright flavors of fresh tomato and cucumber perfectly contrast the deeper flavors of a burger, steak, chicken...pretty much anything!  As we get closer to summer, I know I'll have fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden to use! 
I love showcasing very “basic” recipes like this for the new cooks in my audience. Why are simple recipes like this great? Because they’re SO easy to build on! The salad presented below is bare bones and, while delicious as is, can be taken to the next level with any number of add-ins. Give it a Greek flare with some feta, olives, or even toasted pieces of pita bread to soak up that delicious dressing. If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some cubed watermelon for a nice sweet-salty contrast. Got fresh herbs? Toss them in there. And of course, you can customize the dressing by using different vinegars or lemon juice, infused oils, or by adding fresh garlic. Learning a basic recipe like this is the first step towards getting creative in the kitchen and adding minor changes to a great recipe to give it a different flare, depending on what mood you're in!

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