Jul 21, 2015

CIZE-4-CHANGE begins now!

As you probably already heard, the brand new workout from Shaun T was just released this week. I started the workouts on Monday, and have committed myself to complete the program following the 4-week calendar schedule. 

Do you dread your workouts?  Consider #CIZE4change. Change how you think about fitness and exercise. Change how, and where you work out when you take them with you anywhere On Demand. Change your emotional and physical state when you just dance your worries, stress, anxiety, and calories away!

But perhaps the most important change of all, will be the change in how you will laugh and enjoy your workouts, instead of dread them. Think about how if you could only just get started with a fun workout that you would WANT to do each day, how easy that would be to help you get into a healthy routine and habit of moving your body daily. Not to mention, when your kids and family see how much FUN you are having, they will want to join you as well!!!!

If you know me AT ALL, you would know that I DO NOT DANCE. Well, in front of people that is - haha!!  These workouts feel more like a dance lesson than a workout. I don't remember ever laughing during Insanity Max:30 or 21 Day Fix Extreme. I love how my mood is immediately better just by pushing play and dancing my stress away. I was really surprised at how I was learning the moves so quickly, and pretty much had it down after doing it just one time!  Took me back to my Football Cheerleader days and learning the cheer and dance routines :)

The meal plan is in alignment with the 21 Day Fix, which means it's SUPER easy and simple, likely all the foods you normally eat, and completely portioned controlled with using your containers and trackers. 

This is the CIZE meal tracker from the Eat It Up! nutrition guidebook. 

Putting meals together is so easy with the nutrition guidebook. For each meal, you literally pair your food groups together to create your delicious, balanced, portioned controlled breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no need to flip back and forth as in the previous nutrition guides for the portion controlled plan, and the suggested meals are AMAZING!!!  This is my plan for this week, and I honestly cannot WAIT to share these recipes and meals with you as I use them. 

I wanted to share today's lunch with you. It was SO GOOD!!! I I normally have greens for lunch. Today I'm changing things up with an Apple Cobbler Yogurt Parfait 😋🍴. 
Cize Eat Up! plan is so simple, refreshing, balanced and perfectly portioned controlled that ANYONE can follow this without feeling hungry!! Delicious meals, simple prep, perfection. 
It's so much easier to stay on track when you love the meals you're having!! 

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Lets do this!!!

SPECIAL OFFER:  Anyone who joins the CIZE Launch Group with A challenge pack will also be entered to win a Fixate Cookbook with 101 recipes that will fit perfectly into the CIZE nutrition plan to keep your meals easy, healthy and a no brainer when it comes to planning!

Time to CIZE-4-CHANGE. Your time is NOW!

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