Jul 26, 2015

Dance Party: CIZE Program Launch

Ladies! Do you love to dance (or wish you could?!)?

Does exercise feel like a chore that you dread?

Would you benefit from joining an online dance, fat-busting fitness community of other women and moms doing the same thing? 

Counting calories and obsessing over the scale is stressful and unnecessary. In this challenge, we don't worry about those details, but we DO have FUN, sweat our fat away by dancing, and use healthy balanced nutrition... on our own schedule, from our own homes! I've been doing these dance-style routine workouts for a few weeks, and I am loving the natural "high" I get following these workouts. This is the first time EVER I have pushed the "REPLAY" button on a workout DVD. Learning the moves is SO much fun, and the included meal plan is SO super simple with amazingly delicious recipes you can't help but WANT to follow it!!!!

If you and someone you know can benefit from working on their fitness goals, but cringes at the thought of "exercising", contact me today and I'll be happy to provide the details of this dance challenge! We are doing to DANCE our way to our goals!

Spots are filling up fast, so don't wait! This is going to be a BLAST!!! Group starts on Monday, August 3rd! 

Click HERE for the application to join:  Dance Party CIZE Launch Participant Application

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