Feb 16, 2018

80 Day Obession Meal Plan C

Sometimes no matter how much we plan and prepare, we don't get it right the first time, and we need to take a step back to revisit the plan. That's what happened to me as I started Phase 2 of the newest Beachbody workout program, 80 Day Obsession. I started out thinking I should be in Plan A for my nutrition, but I was feeling super hungry all the time, tired, irritable, and I just felt overall like my body wasn't getting enough nutrition. My results were showing little to no progress in terms of weight loss, so I went back to the start and recalculated my intake. 

Meal #3:Tilapia, Brussels Sprouts/Broccoli, Whole Grains

For the first time ever, I am finding myself veering away from Bracket A, and heading into unknown territory with Plan C. I'm going to stick it out for the duration of the 50-some remaining days of the program to see what my results will yield! A few days in, and I can tell you I already feel like a different person. For the first time EVER, in a meal plan I am eating 4 servings of carbs per day! Talk about feeling SPOILED! Ha!! 

On a side-note, these containers make meal prep a complete breeze! They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and stack up so nicely in my fridge! Click HERE to check them out! I first ordered myself a set of 7 (for dinners, one per day for every day of the week), then later decided to order a second set so I now have enough to use for my lunches AND dinners for an entire week. 

So as I begin Phase 2, on meal plan C, here is what I'm eating in case you want to follow along! 

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