Feb 2, 2018

I have been planning and preparing for weeks for the start of the brand new in-home workout program, 80 Day Obsession created by Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese! If you are familiar with her other previous fitness programs, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master's Hammer and Chisel, you might also be just as excited as I am! 

If you are someone who already works out regularly and you are looking for a new challenge, this program is going to be right up your alley! As Autumn says, it will challenge you to change you, it will force you outside of your comfort zone, and when you combine the 80 DIFFERENT workout routines with Timed Nutrition, you will really amp up your results! 

I have been working with my customers and coaching team to prepare for this program, both with following A Little Obsessed workouts, and getting a clear understanding about what Timed Nutrition entails!

The program in it's entirety is actually 97 days long total, consisting of 80 workouts, and 17 rest days. I really love that she planned the rest days on Sundays! 

The nutrition portion is spelled out exactly for you, based on your unique and individual goals (weight loss, maintenance, build muscle or weight gain). The plan tells you what containers (aka food groups) to eat at what times, and how much of each to use, along with the specific foods to eat for each food group. It seriously cannot get ANY easier than this! All we need to do is FOLLOW THE PLAN! Sounds pretty simple, right? 

This program is best suited for someone who is already familiar with the Fixate/Portion Fix nutrition plan, and is at an intermediate to advanced fitness level. If you are new to regular exercise and consider yourself a beginner fitness level, or are pregnant, I would suggest joining a fitness accountability group with me and start out with a more entry-level program and work your way up to completing 80 Day Obsession. 

You will need some basic equipment for this program. I recommend light, medium and heavy weights (such as 10's, 15's and 20's), the sliders and resistance loops (they come in light, medium and heavy resistance), a floor mat, and roller (optional). To participate and join into my online support and accountability groups, you will need to have me as your free coach and place your order through me so that I can add you to my next accountability support group! If you are interested in this program, please take a few minutes to fill out my form and I will get back to you with the details ASAP! 

The next 80 Day Obsession is now open for enrollment, and will begin Prep Week on January 29th, with the official day 1 and workouts beginning on Monday, February 5th. 

Hurry and fill out the application before the spots are all gone! 


The 80 Day Obsession meal plan is extremely detailed, and at first glance might seem fairly complex. But Autumn designed it super specific so that there wouldn't be much room for doubt or question. Once you take the time to learn it and get the hang of it, you will find yourself sliding right into a new routine and habit with your eating that will be easy to maintain for the long haul!

I wanted to give you a sample of my plan. Each person will use the provided formula to figure out what Plan is right for you, based on weight, goals, and activity level. Then you will simply log into your Beachbody On Demand, download the plan that's right for you, and plug in your foods/meals accordingly! You will notice that I use the Beachbody Performance Line supplements. I strongly recommend using them for the duration of this program, because they will help your body to train and perform at it's best! These workouts will challenge your body, and you will benefit from using the supplements by reducing muscle soreness and decreasing recovery time between your workouts.

I hope that this sample plan gives you some guidance!

1 red (protein), 1/2 green (veggie) per 2 egg muffin cups in this photo

1 red, 1 yellow (carb), 1 green, 1 blue (healthy fat)

1 1/4 green, 1/2 red,  1 blue and 1 tsp.

                                 2 purple (fruit), 1 tsp. 

Here is a sample of a day's meals with my plan. Basically I will eat the same times and containers each day, and I alternate every other day with the main meals (breakfast, lunches and dinners) per week, so I'm prepping 2 different breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners for the whole week, which keeps things super simple and manageable for me!

I tweaked my plan already from the first couple days, to add the shakeology as my pre-workout meal because I just felt like eating eggs and oats right away at 5AM was way too much food that early in the morning, and right before a workout. I just felt way too full and a tad bit sluggish. For people who are waiting the full 60-90 minutes to work out after eating, it would probably work just fine...but for me, with 4 kiddos and a busy schedule, I didn't want to put my workout off past 5:30 or 6:00. 

So far I'm finding that my group is getting the hang of Timed Nutrition, and they are loving the workouts as well! Probably the biggest concern I am getting from people is the length of the workouts. Day 1 and 2 were nearly an hour long, but honestly the time went by super fast, and it sure as heck didn't seem like an hour had passed! I love the routines, they are slow and paced, but effective moves that leave me feeling it the next day...which is always the goal so you know it's working! Am I right? 

I am currently accepting enrollments for my February 80 Day Obsession group, if this is something that you are wanting to do for yourself or better yet, with a friend, share this post and complete my application HERE

Hope to see you in my next online accountability group!!!! 

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