Jan 17, 2015

Online Health Coaching Opportunity

How does a small-town farm girl from Central WI go from ZERO social media knowledge or experience, no network of friends, no big dreams or ambitions, stay at home mamma to 4 little ones, to a TOP COACH...5-Star ELITE Online Health Coach, in just 17 months into the business? If I could teach you how I got started, how I continue to grow my successful business by helping others achieve their goals, working from HOME part-time, around my family's schedule, would you be interested? Was I skeptical at first? YOU BET! But once I realized that I had nothing to lose by trying, I went ALL IN, and I am SO glad I did!

What would the extra income do for you? For my family, it has meant SO much! In my first month as coach, I earned $300. In my second month, my income increased to $800. By the 3rd month, I was making a significant contribution to our family's income goals. Now, we are living without the stress of wondering how we will pay our bills, how we will afford our kid's school tuition, or how we will pay that heating bill. I don't have to put food back on the shelf because of not having enough money in our checking account to cover the cost. We didn't have to stress over picking and choosing who we would be able to buy Christmas presents for this year. We are paying off our debt one, by one, by one - and seeing that bright light at the end of the tunnel!

I do NOT have a "recruiting" quota to meet, or pressure to run my business a certain way. I share this opportunity with people because I BELIEVE in it! I know how fulfilling it is to help other people succeed. I know how this has changed my life, and the others who are on our growing team. We finished the year ranked 157 out of over 220,000 teams, as one of the 199 Elite teams in the network. What does that mean? It means I am successfully leading my team to success. My processes to grow a business are duplicatable, and I want nothing more than to see our team grow and continue the positive impact toward helping others to live healthy, confident, and fit!  

For me, a small-town momma of 4, I now have a career that I am passionate about, relieved some of the financial burden from my husband, earning income from home around my family's schedule. I am my own #girlboss, and love the feeling of helping others succeed. Our team is positive, genuine, driven, goal-oriented, and welcoming to any others who feel the same about helping others. If you are waiting for an official invitation, this is it!

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about this opportunity? TAG and SHARE this post! To apply, complete the application today! This may be the best decision of your life. Take the leap towards living your life by design! If your'e not happy with your current situation, take the necessary steps to change it!

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