Aug 11, 2015

Marsha Smrcka Fitness: Body Beast Week 2

So if you're anything like me, working out comes naturally and is priority in my day-to-day activities.  I've long established a habit and routine of running, pushing play to one of my favorite in-home workouts, and just trying lead an active lifestyle for my family.  So here's the confession...last week was somewhat of a BUST for me and my eating. The foods I use are generally healthy and "clean-eating", but I got lazy with tracking, and was not watching my portions or balancing out my food groups. Too much cheese, avocado, and carbs were causing me some setbacks. When I am not eating as I should, it really effects everything - how I feel, how I push myself (or don't) in my workouts, how I sleep...I was just not MENTALLY in the game! So I did some searching this weekend and have recommitted to myself, my workouts, and my meal plan. This week I am in it to win it! And I will be posting here weekly about my journey - both to inspire you as well as to hold myself accountable! I will walk you through my experience and progress of using a 12-week strength training program, Performance line of supplements to help me tone and build muscle, and my weekly meal plans. 

There comes a time when ENOUGH is ENOUGH and when you hit that time, NOTHING can stop you. You are laser-focused and ready to tackle any obstacle in your way. This week over on my Marsha Smrcka Fitness fan page I am going over some tips on how to combat emotional eating. I have found that I can fall into this bad habit really quite easily, as well as "avoidance eating" - instead of doing something I need to do, I eat to procrastinate. Do you do this?  It just dawned on me one day last month that this was really becoming a problem for me. So with recognizing I do this, I have been able to come up with some really effective solutions to combat this mindless eating.  Follow me as I share my strategies to help you overcome this issue. 

So....what do we do during those down times when everyone else in the family is napping, watching TV, surfing the web?! We #beastup and get our sweat on! 💪💪👊  When our goals mean more to us than anything else, we just do what it takes. Period. I'm 110% committed to getting the results I'm looking for, and sometimes it takes daily reminders. I have photos that are motivational to me posted so I see them every day. I track my weekly progress in measurements, weight, and weekly percent weight loss. I also track my intake daily. 

You can either be a couch potato, thinking about all the things you SHOULD do for yourself, or you can take action. I started to listen to those voices in my head...excuses and reasons why I should put it off. But the only person I'm cheating if I ME. So suck it up buttercup, and just do it.  👊. You'll thank yourself when you're done! 

I know to see good progress, I need to dial in my nutrition. Making a meal plan that I can stick to and want to follow takes some good forethought, but once it's done, I love that I can prep up all of my meals for the week and go into "auto-pilot". Week 1 was pretty much a bust because I really didn't have a posted plan that I was following. So I am learning from that mistake, and posting my week 2 plan on my fridge so I see it every time I enter the kitchen or go to the fridge. No excuses to NOT follow it! 

My measurements are taken, my "goodbye" pics are taken, my workouts are planned, and my intake for the week is all set and prepped. I am looking forward to some big gains this week!!!

Follow my daily journey and best fit tips at Marsha Smrcka Fitness. When you want to change more than you want to stay the same, you will find your inner motivation to do what it takes!

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