Jan 2, 2018

Weight Training Equipment - My Top Picks

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, what do I recommend for a weight-lifting set? 

When I first started cross training, I didn't have a huge budget. I used bands, along with the bare essentials - which at the time consisted of a set of 10 pound weights, 15's and 20's. Since you can expect to pay about $1.00 per pound, those 3 sets of weights cost me around $90 plus tax. As I got stronger, I oftentimes found myself wanting heavier weights... so as funny is it sounds, at times I was holding 2 weights at the same time for some of the lower body exercises. 

When that got old, and my business income from Health Coaching started picking up, I was ready to invest in something that was more suitable to what I needed, with less clutter in my workout space. After checking product reviews and asking around in my fitness circles, I decided to invest in Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable weights. To me, it is a far better value for your money, as you have so much more options with the weights. With what takes up the space as 2 dumbbells, you have the flexibility and option to use 5's, 7.5's, 10's, 12.5's, 15's, 17.5's, 20's, 25's, 30's, 35's, 40's, 45's, 50's and 52.5's!  The only downside to them is for certain moves, they tend to feel a bit bulky. I also decided to keep my dumbbells for drop sets and for those times I have a workout buddy join me for a workout. 

I am so happy with my investment, that I want to share with you in case you are in the same situation as I was, looking for a nice user-friendly upgrade! If you decide to invest in these for your health and fitness goals, comment back and let me know what you think of them! 

The second question I get asked all the time when creating a home gym space is, is what flooring surface do I use? Before I created my workout space, I was sweating on my living room rug. It always made me cringe to see my sweat dripping all over the area where my kids played. So once I was able to create my own home gym, I was so excited to move into a more suitable workout space that allowed for my own workout flooring! My top pick is this rubber interlocking square flooring. They are durable, super easy to install, clean up well, and give the PERFECT amount of cushioning during your workouts! I love that I don't need to use a mat for floor exercises, my workout bench doesn't slide around on me when lifting, and my knees have the perfect level of support when I'm doing high-intensity jumping exercises. All around, I have zero complaints or issues with this floor! Check it out here, 

Good luck and have FUN creating your PERFECT workout space in your home!! 

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