Mar 28, 2015

My $3700 Week as a Beachbody Health Coach

These last few weeks have me completely #mindblown. Ever have one of those full circle moments, where you just think to yourself... Is this really happening to ME?

18 months ago, my family and I were living pay-check to pay-check... much like a lot of families. We were feeling defeated, stressed, strained {emotionally & financially} and completely spinning our wheels, never seeming to be able to move forward. We were forced with the decision to cash out any retirement funds we had accrued to make payments on our growing debt. When we decided that I would leave my career to stay home and raise our family, I knew it would be a financial strain, and it was worth the sacrifices, BUT it wasn't something we could be doing long term. 8 years on a single income was H A R D. It came to the point where my husband took a job commuting 2 hours each day, working LONG hours. We were on Badgercare, used WIC for food, we didn't have money to donate freely to our church, I felt like a single mom, raising 4 young kids by myself, them rarely seeing their dad at all during the week. Although I was grateful that I was home with the kids, we were missing out on SO MUCH family time. Weekends became the only time for us to be together as a family.

This was not the picture of a life I had envisioned. This was not a life I wanted for my kids. Our marriage was under an enormous amount of turmoil and strain. But I wasn't willing to resort to sending my kids to Daycare to let someone else raise them, just so I could get a "job".

I wanted more for my family, for our kids. I wanted to be able to take them on a vacation without having to CHARGE every penny on a credit card that I knew we wouldn't be able to pay off for a very long time. I was tired of telling my kids that we had to take food out of the cart at the grocery store because we didn't have enough $$ in our checking account to cover the bill. I was TIRED of money fights with my husband. I was sick of him working so far from home, missing out on so much with our kids. I wanted HIM to also live HIS dreams of making his pottery again and do work that he was passionate about. I was depressed that we would tackle home improvement projects to try to make our house a home for our family, only to not be able to afford completing the work required. I wanted to be able to buy NEW clothes for my kids without feeling guilty for not shopping at Goodwill. Date nights were a complete DREAM to me - we couldn't afford a babysitter, let alone a dinner out. I was SICK to see our money disappearing faster than we earned it, completely depleting any cushion we had. We cut our living expenses to the bare minimum to help make ends meet. We cut out any garbage service. No cell phone (yes, I used a trac phone!). We grew most of our food, and preserved it by canning, dehydrating and freezing. Made our own home cleaning products. No satellite TV or high speed internet service. Any way we could, we tried to save money. But even that wasn't enough to change our lives in the way we so desperately needed. We live in the central part of WI, a small rural farming community. I wasn't on any social media, lived a quiet, content life with our family and few close friends. I didn't even KNOW what was possible and available to me.

But what I DID know was that I was done WISHING things would change, but not taking any ACTION. So once I saw the opportunity that was right in the palm of my hand, I decided to take it. How couldn't I???

{Enter Online Health Coach...} I had always been active, a runner, caring about healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Adam and I purchased Insanity and started doing it at home earlier that spring. We both got our butts whooped, and I was blown away by how effective an in-home workout program could be. So when I got in contact with one of Adam's friends on FB who was an Online Health Coach, it just sounded too good to be true. I was ENTIRELY skeptical. I thought it was a "Pyramid Scheme" - what is that, anyway?? haha So I did as much research as I could to find those RED FLAGS. But I couldn't find any, as hard as I tried. I trusted Alyssa, so decided I didn't have a single thing to lose by trying, but I had EVERYTHING to gain!! I had NO IDEA what a coach was, what we did, or even what a group on FB was...didn't know that there was such a thing as Instagram...but what I BELIEVED was that I could do it... I love to help people, and have a passionate for health and fitness!

I'm not saying it was just as easy as that. It didn't happen overnight. There have been many sacrifices (mostly with my sleep and I don't watch TV), and there have been trials, and lessons {SO many lessons}, and there has been growth. But nothing worth having, and nothing INCREDIBLE comes easily. I saw this vision. I saw my family living comfortably for the first time in a LONG time. I saw our family living together as a FAMILY - spending quality time with each other every day. I saw the plan, and I BELIEVED in it.
So I did it.
You know I wouldn't post this type of thing for no reason. You all know I don't talk about this stuff - and quite honestly, this is throwing me WAY out of my comfort zone doing so. I have gone back and forth about it for 2 weeks. But sometimes, it's NECESSARY. It took someone showing me how POSSIBLE changing my life and my family's life was for me to understand. And since I am in the business of *paying it forward*, it was laid on my heart today to share this with you. Because on 3/10/15, I basically had my socks knocked off! I can't believe that this is my job and I make crazy good money doing what I LOVE!!
So by HELPING PEOPLE get healthy and happy, working with my team of coaches to do the SAME, I am SO PROUD to say that as of THIS WEEK, Adam Smrcka and I are entirely, --100%-- credit card/ student loan/ Car payment DEBT FREE!!!!!!!  We were able to take our paycheck from ONE WEEK'S PAY to send off over $3000 to our final remaining debt (other than our mortgage). We are LIBERATED from the financial strain that was holding us down, captive for so long.

So why not you?

What makes you think you can't do this too?

If you want to stop being a wisher and start ACTING, then please join me in this AMAZING opportunity that has landed me as a top Elite Coach in the company in 2014, just after 17 short months as a coach.

Thanks for letting me share with you! Thank you Team Fit4mation,  Beachbody and Carl Daikeler. Because of your integrity, innovation, passion, and commitment, you are helping SO many people change their lives for the better. 

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